For almost 20 years, our Kubota 2250 and the bushhog that came with it has served us well.

That was to be expected. We bought it from one of our good neighbors, which tends to mean good things when you are buying things — because what good neighbor would sell you something bad, at a bad price?

The problems, of course, came in our use (abuse!) of it. But with the help of a young friend who is a skilled diesel mechanic, we pressed on, year after year — eventually with our son Joshua (pictured here) becoming its most skilled driver.

This weekend, “Bota” will be towed off. That’s hard on us, not because of it, but because of all the memories. This (unfiltered) picture, from years ago, captures something about what I’m saying that words cannot say.

The happy news is that another good neighbor is the one towing Bota away. He’s an inventive genius, and thinks he can perhaps make of it (with a refurbished engine) a towing vehicle for a water tank.

So when in God’s Providence you have to say goodbye to a thing you love, treasure up the grateful memories and focus on what it is to reject covetous entitlement: to be, instead, counted among The Grateful.

And when saying goodbye, look for the new things to which you can say, “Hello!”

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