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Promoting Gospel-Centered Life and Learning

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The Walden Cabin

For Peaceful Contemplation
And Prayer to Rock the World


Henry David Thoreau’s
1845 Cabin at Walden Pond


Homestead Life, lived in community with meals, adventure, rest and conversation here


Socratic-style online and life-on-life learning, served up in the spirit of Christian hospitality here


Specialty products nurtured and designed by Magnalia community members to bless you here
mag na lia / n. plural only
Wonders, great things. [Latin. 17th c.]

Project in Process:
The Jubilee Barn

Phase 3:
The Community Stable Barn
An activities and equipment barn to facilitate agri-therapy programs for the special needs community in partnership with Mount Jubilee Ministries. Read More

2021-2022 Project:
The Hobbit-hole

A re-creation of a place from Tolkien’s magical Shire, The Hobbit-hole will be used for group readings, spirited fellowship, old-fashioned gaming, and even guest lodgings.
2022-2023 Project:
Narnia Cottage
Structure 2:
Narnia Cottage
A Halfway House for people seeking soul care: a place that “keeps the light on” for unwed mothers, those in recovery, missionaries on furlough, and others.
“Only where hands are not too good for deeds of love and mercy in everyday helpfulness can the mouth joyfully and convincingly proclaim the message of God’s love and mercy.”
The Story of a Boy Who Helped Give Birth to this Vision.

The MJM van will begin trips to The Jubilee Barn later this year, for agri-therapy and related hands-on programming for people with special needs.

The Foundation’s online learning community at www.Thinker.Education, created to help preserve free inquiry and viewpoint diversity, marks its 10th Anniversary this year – having engaged more than 107,691 students since 2011.


High School Students Engaged at Table In “The Great Conversation” of Scripture, Literature and Life


Friendly Dinner Discourse On Culture, History, Political Economy, Philosophy and the Theology Behind It All

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