No Table Is Set Without A Team

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Jim & Rachel

Co-Hosts & Co-Curators

Edison Van Eerden

VP of the General Situation

Ben McIndoe

Board Co-Chair

James Van Eerden

Board Director

Bekah Wolfe

Board Director

Sonny White

Director Emeritus

Scott Cornelius

CPA Accountant

Melodie Durfee

Investment Advisor

John Mark Van Eerden

Construction Manager

Elizabeth Crawford

Bookings Manager

Josh White

Event Chef

Renee Schroeder

Event Chef

Anna Catherine Ellzey


Matthew Bray

Head Blacksmith

Tim Wall

Flock Advisor

Zack Payne

Flerd Advisor

Scott Van Eerden

Beekeeper & Magician

Patrick Crahen

Firearms Instructor

Joseph Van Eerden

Special Projects Manager

Dr. Julia Shanahan


Jessie Garcia

Head Arborist

Cecil Cottrell

IDD Program Advisor

Harvey Friddle

Saw Mill Specialist

Katie Van Eerden

Service Manager

Ryan Crawford

Logistics Liaison

Peter Van Eerden

PR Counsel

Will Wolfe

Buildings Manager

Heidi Yacoubian

Artist & Cartographer

Robert Corona

Honorary Firemarshall

DeWitt Pace

Fireworks Captain

Megan Corona

Head Botanist

Sam Kanakanui


Leann Stanley

Web Editor

Nat Van Eerden

Film Editor

Patriarch & Matriarch


Resident Ratatouille


Foundation Mascot


Captain of the Guard

Sir Orpington

Rooster of the Yard

Sugar Puff

Resident Cuddler
Work Ethic Inspired by Our Hogans Creek Beaver
Dive In, Get To Work

“Duty is ours; results are God’s.”