Our four sheep at Magnalia Farm have made me more aware of the many facets of me being referred to in the Scriptures as A SHEEP.

All we like sheep have gone astray, each his own way.

Eddie named the cuddly brown one “Hopeful.” He is always wanting what someone else is eating. The sheep front and center is always wanting to be, well, front-and-center. The newly shorn babydoll sheep left of center is never quite sure what’s going on, and never quite trusting. And the one standing off in the distance is downright sheepish, the first to panic, and quite unintelligent: the others follow her when she freaks out.

At any moment in time, I might just resemble any of them.

Thanking God this day for his perfect shepherding.  “The Lord is my shepard.” (Psalm 23:1)


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