Sometimes when we travel we get to visit a Place that inspires us. A Place that gives us a vision of things Beautiful, Good and True. A Place designed and curated with excellence, to offer exceptional experiences for the people who visit there. A Place in Time.

Sometimes the Place is lavish; sometimes the Place is poor. Both can be residence to Beauty, or its opposite.

Langdon Hall, an 1898 farm estate outside Toronto, was created to be a lavish but welcoming place for individual guests as well as families (and even their pets).

I went there for business meetings. The Beauty was distracting, but somehow made me and my colleagues more alive in the work at hand. I felt, smelt, tasted, saw and heard things that stirred my soul in gratitude to God. My brief stay there was marked by a continuous dance between the Things of Heaven and the Things of Earth.

I’m flying home now…praying that some of the glimpses of Eternity I experienced will somehow be cast like seed into the humble tierra at Magnalia Homestead. #thankful


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