We’re so glad that our neighbor has a peacock, and we’re so glad that her peacock likes to strut through the Homestead lawns!

These creatures are a remarkable example of Magnalia Dei:

the glory of God revealed in the things that He has made.

Only males are actually called “peacocks.” Females are “peahens” and babies are “peachicks.” Collectively they are called “peafowl.”

The male is well known for its bright feathers. When he senses danger, he will spread out his feathers to look bigger and more threatening. The male also uses this beautiful display to attract a mate. Microscopic “crystal-like” structures line the feathers of peacocks, giving them that iridescent shine that adds to their beauty!

No wonder the peacock has inspired so many quotes of flattery, or its opposite. The phrase “proud as a peacock” has been in the English language since the 14th century! Oscar Wilde once said of a woman, “She is a peacock in every way except beauty.” Perhaps more fitting, to end this journal post:

Be a peacock, in a world full of ducks.



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