Rachel met with a friend about a month ago who encouraged her to pray for God’s protection, for His provision, and for His multiplication of worthy things — and to pray for those things in that order.


In a season of unique challenges and opportunities in all facets of our lives, and in the midst of so much daily news from our broken world, that has been our prayer these past weeks.

Our son-in-love Will Wolfe just took this photo of the Homestead’s western woods from our son-in-love Ryan Crawford’s front lawn. To us, it appears as a bow of promise stretched right over our home, like a sweet reminder written on a blustery sky by a steadfast and covenantal God!

It’s actually a promise written for all who will “come in” to the ark of hope (Christ) — the only place where everlasting protection, provision and multiplication are to be found.

We are invited in to the ark.

That is the heart of our Eastertide greetings to you and yours from us and ours!

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