Farm Tough met an Amateur Farmer, and left said Farmer full of wonder. 😮

What a marvel to witness Davie the Donkey and our other farm animals endure the crazy cold (down to 7°!) — and winds that made it feel much worse. I don’t remember colder nights since we’ve lived in Carolina.

“Nothing burns like the cold.”

I lost sleep thinking about which of them might not survive the night. I went out into the cold dark multiple times to deliver some Christmas cheer (high energy food) and to give them a pep talk, especially because we could NOT get these gentle beasts to use the shelters and hay bail wind blocks we built for them. Go figure!

But I’ll never look at these amazing creatures quite the same after their feat of endurance.

Anatomy reveals intelligent design.

Here’s a photo bucket shoutout to a few of our furry friends!



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