Magnalia’s logo is a silhouette of a recurring moment with our playful black Labrador retriever named Bella June.

She’s ever the loyal companion for a weekend walk. Or a soft pillow for a nap. She’s ever ready with an expectant glance, or a lick, or a stick in her mouth.

She has a kind of patient, tepid grace in waiting by my library door: awaiting the signal to come in and rest by my feet when I’m working away at my standing desk. In the kitchen, day in and day out (and it shows), she has a hopeful poise when she thinks a scrap of food might come her way.

But, it’s Bella’s playful pose of joy and wonderment that we chose as Magnalia’s Mark.

Because we always want a bit of that to mark each person’s visit to the Homestead.

May the good Lord make it so!

Photo courtesy of our talented Magnalia photographer friends at Kayla Wren Photography!


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