Cato, the Roman legend who inspired our founding fathers in the quest toward liberty, wrote a famous treatise on farming and agriculture for his fellow countrymen. Among other jewels, he makes the statement that the good farm steward…

…should have the selling habit, not the buying habit.

Alas, I thought. :- o

But, this was a week in the right direction! Thanks in no small part to Eddie, more than 100 bottles full of Homestead Honey, complete with a wooden dipper and a bee jewel affixed with twine, were delivered to happy customers. You can visit the Magnalia Store to get you and yours some of this golden goodness before this harvest is gone! Victor Hugo was right when he said:

Life is the flower for which love is the honey….

What’s more, our first harvest of wool from our sheep is en route to the mill for cleaning and processing into yarn. We sold a goat, the meat rabbits went to butcher yesterday, and the firewood bundles and cords went up for sale in time for autumn fires. All of this is new news for us, scribbles in the Homestead ledger.

What a journey of learning we are on, with more failures than successes — but that’s how most learning comes to us. To farm is to be reminded of our humble state of dependence on things: on Another, far greater than ourselves.

All that to say, ol’ Cato might be proud of us. (This week.)



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