Magnalia Homestead & Farm

Recent Guest Log Highlights

Meredith Rose

The St. Valentine Feast was an evening of culinary delight and connection. From the moment we stepped into the warm embrace of the Magnalia Homestead, we knew we were in for a treat! Jim and Rachel truly embrace the meaning of hospitality in every way, creating feasts for the senses - and the soul.

Jennifer Kloss

This is such a special place! We feel so fortunate every time we walk away from spending time here. Truly a gift!


Rachel and Jim,

Thank you for your warm hospitality, a most wonderful meal, and all the festive Irish-Scottish merriments you so delightfully provided. All the local talents you shared with us were simply -- amazing. We truly appreciated the opportunity to join you and your guests in a memorable evening at your beautiful Homestead. Well done. So gracious and kind....“With mirth and laughter, let old wrinkles come!”

Tim Wall

Our 12 year old daughter's reflection of the Daddy Daughter Date night event at Magnalia was all you would hope for . . . ."Daddy that was the best night ever!" Such a warm, nurturing atmosphere with joy and hospitality. Forever grateful for all our experiences at Magnalia with hosts Jim and Rachel.

Heather Essary

We enjoyed the Feast of St. Valentine’s at the Homestead. The food was amazing, the warmth of the hosts undeniable, and it was a joy to hold meaningful conversation with other couples seated at our table!

“Jesus said in His kingdom, the ‘smallest of all seeds’ will leave a lasting impact much larger than expected (see Matt. 13:31–32). In the same way, the ‘smallest’ things in our lives — ordinary days and meals and homes — can have a much larger impact than you’d ever imagine when harnessed with gospel intentionality.”

Excerpt from The Simplest Way to Change the World