Mar 15 2024


6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

The Feast of St Patrick and the Ulster Scots

St. Patrick is credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland. According to Britannica, he was in and out of captivity in his early life and spent six bleak years as a herdsman, during which time he turned with fervor to his faith.

Careful to deal fairly with the non-Christian Irish, he nevertheless lived in constant danger of martyrdom. Patrick is remembered as a most humble-minded man, pouring forth continuous thanks to his Maker for having chosen him as the instrument whereby multitudes who had worshipped “idols and unclean things” had become “the people of God.”

The Ulster-Scots or Scots-Irish refers to Scots who migrated to the Northern province of Ireland (Ulster) beginning about 1605. Their ancestors were Protestants, mainly Presbyterian. Many of them later left Ireland and immigrated to America, especially to the mid-Atlantic states and to the central and western part of Virginia and the Carolinas. These Ulster-Scots adopted the color Orange from William of Orange, the Dutchman, who defeated James VII of Scotland, who was also James II of England, the last Catholic king of England, Ireland, and Scotland, at the Battle of Boyne in Ireland.

This thoughtfully-curated meal and related readings celebrate both of these lines of history that run so importantly into the American tradition, and all it has become.



Charcuterie of Native Cheeses, Colorful Veggies, Crackers and Irish Pub Cheese Dip

Served with assorted waters, Guinness, Harp Lager

Surcee – Scotch Eggs

Fresh Homestead Eggs Prepared the Scots-Irish Way, with Arugula

Scottish Leek and Tattie Soup

Sprinkled with Bread Crumbs and Micro Greens, served with Irish Soda Bread

Ulster Orange Scottish Smoked Salmon

Served with Traditional Scottish Sauce and Microgreens

Paired with Featured European White Wine

Lemon Basil Sorbet

Homemade, with Fresh Lemon and Basil with Homestead Honey

The Dubliner’s Guinness Pot Roast

Tenderloin of Beef, Long-Simmered with Herbs, Potatoes, Carrots and Guinness

Paired with Featured European Red Wine

Irish Bangers and Colcannon Mash

Locally-sourced Bratwurst with Garlic Cheddar Mashed Potatoes and Green Peas

Irish Bread Pudding with Whiskey Glaze

Topped with Homemade Homestead Vanilla Ice Cream

After-Dinner Traditions

Tea, Coffee, Scots-Irish Cheeses and Digestive Biscuits

Spirits, including Jamison Whiskey, Laphroaig and Baileys Irish Cream




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